Hi! I’m Brennan.

I work at Synthesis, an education startup that’s quite hard to describe. I spend most of my time there building the first versions of technically-complex products (most notably so far: a Zoom-like A/V platform and the core of a digital tutor.)

I also read a lot, constantly learning as much as I can. I’ve done this for years, so almost everything is interesting to me, because I can usually attach it to some pre-existing knowledge. Reading for 1–5 hours/day quickly adds up to ~100 books/year.

To finally round out my “3 R’s”, I make a point of writing 1000 words every day. The bulk is private—it’s the way I dump my inmost thoughts—but I make a point of publishing the thoughts I’m most proud of, so that they can be attacked by the Internet from various angles, and I can improve my beliefs through that criticism.

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